About Us




Private clients… Private solutions…

McCue & Partners is a trusted representative of and advisor to some of the world’s most renowned and respected public figures, businesses, governments, politicians, NGOs and other international bodies.  Whether our clients’ concerns are personal or professional, commercial or humanitarian, public or private, McCue & Partners offers a bespoke legal and advisory service tailored to their individual needs.

Be it a civil, commercial or criminal matter, our team is the first call in any crisis or when an innovative solution is required.

Our team is expert in gathering evidence in complex cases.  It also enjoys far-reaching close ties with government, security and policing  services worldwide.

Justice… Changing and saving lives…

McCue & Partners is committed to justice, accountability and compensation for those who have suffered or face injustice or human rights abuses at home or abroad.

As well as the use of traditional human rights mechanisms (such as the European Court of Human Rights or various U.N. bodies), we specialise in enforcing victims’ rights through civil and private criminal prosecutions in domestic courts.  The firm is especially well-known for its representation of victims of terrorism in cases brought against terrorists, terrorist organisations, their supporters and sponsors as well as victims of international crimes, such as torture, against heads of state and other state officials.  Our team has fought and won such cases all over the globe.

McCue & Partners has significant experience also in the representation of clients arrested, detained and prosecuted abroad in the absence of due process or in violation of international human rights standards.  In addition, it is called upon for provision of strategic advice in cases of disappearances, kidnapping and ransom.

McCue & Partners provides human rights audits, whether it be for a country or a corporation, and can plan and develop human rights compliant policy and procedure as well as supervise implementation.  Our team advises also on humanitarian and social reinvestment policies and schemes for companies or individuals.  We are proud of our own social reinvestment policy which includes pro bono professional support and advice to various NGO’s and charities.

Conflict resolution… Global solutions to global problems…

McCue & Partners has assisted in conflict and post-conflict resolution in war-zones and sites of armed struggle worldwide.  The team has extensive experience providing legal advice on and solutions to matters such as transitional justice and truth and reconciliation schemes, rule of law and preservation of evidence as well as at locating, tracking, seizing and obtaining misappropriated assets.