Practice Areas




McCue & Partner’s areas of specialism include:

  • Litigation
  • Private Client
  • Human Rights
  • Prisoners Abroad
  • Defamation & Reputation Management
  • Specialist Consultancy


McCue & Partners is widely respected for its expertise and long-term experience of representing victims of injustice, crime, negligence, human rights abuses and corporate malfeasance worldwide.  Whether you are a victim of terrorism, medical malpractice, state-action or a man-made environmental disaster, McCue & Partners will represent your interests, help secure you compensation and bring those responsible to account.

McCue & Partners are experts in the gathering and analysis of complex evidence, multi-jurisdiction litigation, questions of state and diplomatic immunity, international law, asset tracing and debt recovery. The firm has pioneered the use of private criminal and international actions to pursue matters of justice and enforce human rights.

The firm is known also for defending and advising individuals and organisations in respect of domestic and overseas criminal investigations, charges and prosecutions.

In addition to its clients’ civil claims, McCue & Partners provides an invaluable service in advising both the UK Government and victims’ groups on victims’ issues as well as matters relating to counter-terrorism and rogue regimes.

Private/Commercial Client

McCue & Partners provides legal advice as well as broader counsel and strategy to high profile or net-worth individuals on a range of matters including:

  • Private and Personal Affairs (criminal, civil and commercial)
  • Crisis Management
  • Global Reputation Management and Media Strategy (defamation (libel & slander), privacy and confidentiality)
  • Crisis Management
  • Commercial Strategy and Complex Negotiations (with particular expertise in business growth and expansion in the developing world)
  • Domestic and International Politics and Public Affairs
  • Conflict Resolution and Settlement of Disputes (litigation, mediation, negotiation and litigation strategy)
  • Domestic and International Politics and Public Affairs
  • Social Reinvestment and Humanitarian Policy
  • Research and Investigations

The team is often retained as ‘in-house’ counsel by discerning clients with a wide variety of discrete personal and business issues.  McCue & Partners act as a first-alert on legal issues, warning of and managing potential issues and instructing experts where required.   The firm is also used as a trouble-shooter and brought in to oversee, strategize and manage a crisis.

Human Rights

McCue & Partners’ human rights’ team combines its members’ specialised international legal skills with the firm’s experience of complex investigations, lobbying and public relations.

The firm is renowned for its protection of victims of international crimes and other human rights violations and has taken cases against governments, corporations and unlawful organisations all around the world. Whether using traditional international human rights mechanisms, private criminal prosecutions or civil proceedings, we protect our clients and enforce their rights.

McCue & Partners has unrivalled experience in enforcing the rights of victims of terrorism, on whose behalf it has pioneered groundbreaking civil proceedings against a number of terrorist organisations, their financiers and sponsors (including rogue regimes). Indeed, our team was the first in the world to develop a civil law precedent for use against terrorists and their organisations.

McCue & Partners advises both governments and NGOs on a wide-range of humanitarian and human rights issues.

In addition, McCue & Partners provides an invaluable service advising both governments and victims’ groups on a broad range of victims’ issues and matters relating to counter-terrorism and rogue regimes.

Prisoners Abroad

McCue & Partners has a specialist team dedicated to the support, representation, and return of UK and foreign nationals who find themselves unlawfully detained, imprisoned, or facing trial overseas.  We draw on many years of experience of dealing with foreign governments, non-governmental organisations, security services, police authorities, courts, and prison administrations worldwide.

The team’s members have backgrounds not only in human rights, international, and criminal law, but also political lobbying, diplomatic negotiation, and media-management.  With far-reaching contacts in many foreign jurisdictions, relationships forged with local government, lawyers, journalists, and consular staff, as well as access to teams of trusted international investigators, McCue & Partners is perfectly placed to offer effective practical assistance when a loved one, friend, or colleague is unable to return home.

McCue & Partners has an extensive background in the representation of individuals imprisoned or facing trial for a broad array of offences relating to drugs, fraud, freedom of expression, political crimes, homicide, capital crime, and sexual offences in regions as diverse as Africa, the Middle-East, Persia, the Americas, Asia, and Europe.  McCue & Partners also act where an individual has been detained unlawfully and outside of ordinary due process.

In addition to providing expert legal representation, McCue & Partners will also:

  • Instruct local counsel
  • Arrange prisoner welfare and visitations
  • Work with relevant NGOs
  • Investigate and collate defence and mitigation evidence
  • Liaise with consular support
  • Lobby relevant authorities
  • Organise or control media
  • Seek transfer to a UK prison
  • Co-ordinate the return home

Defamation & Reputation Management

McCue & Partners’ defamation and reputation management team advise on all types of defamation (libel, slander and malicious falsehood), privacy and media disputes. The firm has long-term experience and expertise in this field and represents many celebrities, politicians, high-profile businessman and other public figures.

McCue & Partners also offers advice on public relations, media strategy and all other forms of reputation management protection for those who have been thrust into the limelight.

McCue & Partners provides its clients with practical, commercial, and media-aware legal advice often in the context of litigation, criminal, employment and family matters.

Whether defending or enforcing rights, managing PR campaigns or brokering media deals, McCue & Partners provides its clients with a turn-key service.

International Affairs: Specialist Consultancy

McCue & Partners act as special advisors to governments, corporations, NGOs, prominent individuals and international bodies from around the world, advising on matters of:

  • Transitional justice (truth and reconciliation programmes, constitutional reform foreign, human rights policy and audits, and preservation of evidence)
  • Humanitarian aid, development and reconstruction
  • Conflict resolution, mediation and dialogue with political factions, opposition groups, rebels, freedom fighters and terrorists (either covert and/or through civil society programmes)
  • Engaging and fostering civil society in conflict and post-conflict zones
  • Post-conflict tracing and recovery of misappropriated assets
  • Foreign and domestic policy