McCue Jury & Partners is a trusted legal representative and advisor to some of the world’s most renowned and respected public figures, victims, companies, governments, NGOs and international bodies. Whether our clients’ issues and concerns are personal or professional, commercial, or humanitarian, public or private, domestic or international, McCue Jury & Partners offers a bespoke and specialist legal service tailored to their individual needs.

Someone to watch over us

Our team is often the first call in any crisis or major injustice. We take on causes and we look to right wrongs. A difficult matter is merely a challenge, which is something we relish. We provide innovative solutions for clients rather than just highlight the problems. Our team have been dubbed by the media as the “Someone to Watch Over Us”, the “Enforcers” and a team that “Dares to be different”. Hype aside, we aspire to be just that and use our best endeavours to deliver the best possible outcome for every client.


McCue Jury & Partners are hard-hitting lawyers for any client that has a fight on their hands. We are internationally renowned for successfully taking on complex and difficult matters against difficult opponents. We take on the toughest opponents, whether in the courtroom, in negotiation or in settlement and deal-making. We protect, enforce and defend our clients’ rights globally.


We are a world-leading law practice for civil litigation and criminal prosecutions, human rights and victims’ rights, governments, non-government institutions & international affairs, private and corporate commercial matters and issues of reputation and privacy.


We fear no opposition nor acting for any client. We are determined to enable justice and see our cases through to a successful outcome for every client.

Ways to work

We believe in modern ways to work. We have offices in London and Bristol (with associate law offices in the USA and Northern Ireland), but our team is not bound to its offices. We have created a virtual workplace for our team. We also regularly set-up satellite offices in-house or in-country to support our clients’ needs.


We believe in meritocracy and equality. Any form of unwelcomed prejudice is not tolerated in this firm. We shun traditional legal office hierarchies. We see growth and development by visualising the organic growth of our lawyers into partners and encouraging leading specialists to join us as consultants or partners.


We believe in diversity and diversity of thinking. Our team is international. We share our London office with Rigel, a cross ownership litigation support company (providing clients with ‘in-house’ intelligence, investigations and PR) and international consultancy to governments, which includes a diverse skill set beyond and yet complementary to the law. We do not advise from ivory towers but encourage multi-disciplinarian strategies and solutions.

McCue Jury & Partners blog

Commentary and ideas from the team at McCue Jury & Partners, and other leading industry professionals, as well as offering insight on some of the latest legal issues today

Legal action in relation to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine

We have recently commenced action on behalf of the victims of the war in Ukraine. We are proud to be a founder firm of the Ukraine Justice Alliance, which is a coalition of lawyers, investigators and communications specialists that have formed an alliance to support the Ukrainian Government and its people in response to the illegal invasion of their country by the Putin’s war machine. To find out more about our work in this area, click below.

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