McCue & Partners LLP is an internationally renowned specialist legal practice and consultancy


We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions as well as taking on those cases and problems that no-one else is able or willing to do.  In this, we are unparalleled in both experience and reputation.  Amongst other plaudits, our team have been dubbed by the media as the “Enforcers” and as “Someone to Watch Over Us”.

McCue & Partners does not believe in providing legal services in isolation.  For our clients, legal advice or action alone is often not enough. Our dedicated team is multidisciplinary with expertise and experience in essential areas and skills that compliment their legal training, such as: international and domestic affairs; complex evidence gathering; political science and lobbying; investigation; security; business and commerce; and public relations.  We provide a holistic approach in order to provide the best solution.

We maintain an exclusive and loyal team while being able to call on trusted consultants from a pool of experts and professionals from numerous backgrounds from around the world, including law, research, intelligence, forensics and accountancy.

Such freedom and flexibility allows us to assemble not only the best but the right team for any task, wherever and whenever.

We solve your problems and enforce your rights….  We watch over our clients.

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McCue & Partners LLP is regulated by the SRA