Who, what and why?

McCue Jury & Partners work with the private sector and deliver private solutions. We seek justice in order to protect rights and to protect lives. We support positive campaigning which changes views and changes lives. We are determined when resolving conflicts and providing global solutions to global problems.

Trusted legal advisors

We are domestically and internationally recognised and acknowledged as experts in human rights (and civil liberties), criminal law (international and domestic), government advisory, transitional justice, and civil and commercial litigation (class actions and victims’ rights/cases). Our team and consultant network of leading individuals and firms are global in origin and outlook, with expertise in public international law, international human rights law, international terrorism law, international humanitarian law and international criminal law.


We have been widely reported in the media for enforcing victims’ legal rights and doing so regardless of who we are up against: whether against terrorists, rogue nation-states, governments, or large global corporations.


Our team is highly experienced in cross-border and evidentially complex disputes, conflict and dispute resolution, asset recovery, commercial law, constitutional law, extradition and mutual legal assistance, and in the extra-territorial application of national criminal law. Our team includes world leaders in counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization legal matters.


Our practice also carries out general commercial, litigation and arbitration work.


Our practice is focused on our commitments to:

We can organize a bespoke team of specialist lawyers to meet any given need. Complex legal issues on the world-stage need a diverse legal solution. In such situations, traditional law firms often lack the diversity of skill and know-how to organise or fulfil the precise client’s needs.


The legal team includes international leaders in their fields of practice (with international accolades for their legal work) and decades of combined experience dealing with such legal issues all over the globe. We have built a strong international consultant network of both trusted and associated legal consultants and complementary practitioners both in the UK and globally that we can call upon as and when needed.


Our in-house Litigation Support Group (LSG) makes us different and provides the client with an edge in every legal issue that befalls them. The LSG, supported where necessary by RIGEL (our sister consultancy company) provides all forms of essential support for litigation/legal success including specialist research and investigations (incl. forensic and accountancy), private political diplomacy, campaigning, fundraising, and strategic communications and PR. It also enjoys far-reaching close ties with government, security, and police services worldwide.

Our commitment, focus and ethos

McCue Jury & Partners is committed to seeking justice, accountability, and compensation for all those who have suffered or face injustice or human rights abuses at home or abroad. We believe everyone has a right to prevent a wrong or injustice to themselves, their company, or their people.


We endeavour to work closely with those that need our support to help transform people’s lives for the better. We are pragmatic and believe in engagement as a catalyst for change. In this context, whatever the reputational challenges of a client, our firm will be committed to support and guide that client towards a better understanding of the issues and providing a better outcome for society.

Financing and funding litigation

We work with clients to find bespoke fee arrangements and funding mechanisms that suit them.


We have exclusive relationships with crowdfunding platforms. We have separate but cross-ownership in an ESG litigation funding platform—Greenlit SA—that provides third-party funding solutions for global litigation concerning worthy environmental, human rights, and good governance causes.

Our practice, influence, experience and reach

The team has the expertise, influence, and experience in geographic regions all over the world. Our team and its members have provided advice to governments, government ministries, and officials and advised, organised, and managed numerous domestic and international legal, justice, and humanitarian campaigns.


Our sister litigation support companies provide clients with an edge:

  • RIGEL provides impeccable intelligence, investigatory and strategic communications (PR) capability, and capacity
  • Justice Register provides client intake and management facilities (domestically and internationally) for large-scale class litigation cases that require such dedicated support

Would you like to find out more?

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