Andrew Tate served with legal papers by UK victims

Bucharest, Romania 13 June 2023 – Last week it was reported that a fourth victim had joined a UK legal action against Andrew Tate after she gave a powerful and harrowing interview to the BBC recounting how Tate raped her and caused her to fear for her life.

This morning, McCue Jury & Partners, lawyers representing the four UK victims who have come forward so far, delivered a formal letter of claim to him at his premises in Romania.

The legal letter details the allegations made by the four women, including violent rapes, serious physical assaults, and controlling and coercive behaviour. The victims have put Tate on notice that, depending on his response, legal proceedings will be initiated against him at the High Court in London in the coming weeks.
The victims’ lawyers delivered the letter to Tate in person at his address in Bucharest, where he is under house arrest pending charges of human trafficking in Romania.

To fund the initial phase of their legal action, the victims have started a crowdfunding campaign, raising over £18,500 so far with a target of £50,000. The crowdfunding page can be accessed here:

I want to see this poisonous ideology countered and if crimes have been committed then I want to see justice done

McCue Jury is matching any donations: doubling the legal support for every £1 donated.


A claimant in these proceedings said

“After such a long fight for justice, it feels good to finally be taking a positive step forward. While this experience has been extremely traumatic for us, we have taken strength in the fact that we have decided to take a stand, and are not alone. We hope that bringing this claim will encourage other people to speak out against their abusers, no matter how powerful they are.”

Matthew Jury, Managing Partner of McCue Jury & Partners said

“This is a major step in UK survivors of Tate’s alleged crimes campaign for justice by taking their fight straight to Tate’s door. The legal papers delivered to Tate today lay bare the gravity and full weight of the accusations against him. Despite Tate’s outrageous claims that these women aren’t even real, on reading the papers, he should now recall how real they are. Talk of the ‘Matrix’ and ‘false flags’ hold no weight in court. The survivors look forward to seeing him there.”

Notes to Editor

The victims ask that a link to the CrowdJustice campaign be included in any reporting:

It has been inaccurately reported in some media outlets that all three of the original women bringing the civil claim were recruited for Andrew Tate’s webcamming business. We would like to clarify that it was only two of them who Tate recruited, the other had a personal relationship with him.

Contact: McCue Jury & Partners at

Comments from Donors to the Campaign

“You are incredibly brave for standing up against someone with such a large following. I hope that you are able to get the justice you deserve and legal proceedings against him in this country will help shatter the illusion that so many young men are under.”

“[I am] Donating because I’m a professional woman and a mother of a 15-year-old son. I want to see this poisonous ideology countered and if crimes have been committed then I want to see justice done.”

Encouragingly, the campaign looks to be supported by plenty of men as well as women, with one male donator writing: “I’m happy to support this action to hold Andrew Tate to account, as a father of daughters and sons. I truly believe Tate is at best postulating his opinion for monetary gain, at worst a real danger to society.”