Human rights, victims and class actions

McCue Jury & Partners’ human rights team combines specialised international legal skills with the firm’s experience of complex investigations, campaigning, lobbying and public relations.

Human rights

McCue Jury & Partners’ human rights team combines specialised international legal skills with the firm’s experience in complex investigations, campaigning, lobbying, and public relations.


The firm is renowned for its protection and empowering of victims of international crimes and other human rights violations and has taken cases against governments, corporations, and unlawful organisations all around the world. As well as the use of traditional human rights mechanisms (such as the European Court of Human Rights or various U.N. bodies), we specialise in enforcing victims’ rights through civil and private criminal prosecutions in domestic courts. The firm is well-known for its representation of victims of international crimes (such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, and torture) against heads of state and other state officials.


McCue Jury & Partners has unrivalled experience in enforcing the rights of victims of terrorism, on whose behalf it has pioneered ground-breaking civil proceedings (dubbed by the media as “lawfare”) against several terrorist organisations, their financiers, and sponsors, including rogue regimes. Our team was the first in the world to develop a civil law precedent for use against terrorists and their organisations.


McCue Jury & Partners advises both governments and NGOs on a wide range of humanitarian and human rights issues.

Victims’ rights and victim-led class actions

McCue Jury & Partners is widely respected for its expertise and long-term experience of representing victims of injustice, human rights abuses, crimes against humanity, war crimes, crime, negligence, and corporate malfeasance worldwide. Whether victims of terrorism, medical malpractice, state-action, or a man-made environmental disaster, McCue Jury & Partners represent victims’ interests, secures compensation, and brings those responsible to account.


We have vast experience and success (in particular in the UK and USA) of fighting class actions. We deliver success not just in the courtroom but also in the media and within government. We have the experience, capability, and know-how to manage large-scale class actions and to do so in a way that is sensitive to the needs of each victim.


McCue Jury & Partners include the world’s leading lawyers and practitioners who pioneered ‘lawfare’: facilitating victim of terrorism—through asymmetrical counter-terrorism methodology, campaigning and civil law litigation strategies—to secure justice and compensation, as well as provide effective deterrents against terrorists, facilitators of terrorism, and financial and state sponsors of terrorism.


Our team has formulated, implemented, and managed many of the world’s successful victims’ justice campaigns and legal actions against terrorists and rogue state sponsors of terrorism. These initiatives have achieved success in attacking and freezing terror financing, in the recovery of compensation against them, and in creating obstacles and deterrents to terrorism.


This approach has also proven to be highly beneficial to governments in asymmetrical counter-terrorism initiatives. We regularly advise governments on strategies and initiatives to foster and support victim led counter-terrorism responses to an array of terrorist issues they face at home and overseas.

Prisoners abroad and detainees overseas

McCue Jury & Partners has significant experience in the representation of clients arrested, detained and prosecuted abroad (often in the absence of due process or in violation of international human rights standards). We provide strategic advice, based on years of experience, in cases of disappearances, kidnapping and ransom, and politically motivated detentions. McCue Jury & Partners’ members have backgrounds not only in human rights, domestic and international criminal law but also in political lobbying, negotiation, private diplomacy and media/PR management.


We have a dedicated specialist team ready 24/7 to parachute into any such crisis. The team draws on many years of experience of dealing in such matters with foreign governments, non-governmental organisations, security services, police authorities, courts, and prison administrations worldwide.


With far-reaching contacts in many foreign jurisdictions, relationships forged with many governments and international institutions (such as the UN and AU), lawyers, journalists, security forces, and consular and diplomatic staff, as well as access to RIGEL and our network of trusted international investigators, McCue Jury & Partners is perfectly placed to offer effective practical assistance when a loved one, friend, or colleague is unable to return home.


McCue Jury & Partners has longstanding experience of such matters on a broad array of issues (or offences) including in relation to drugs, fraud, freedom of expression, political crimes, espionage, murder, and sexual offences in regions as diverse as Africa, the Middle-East, Persia, the Americas, Asia, and Europe.


McCue Jury & Partners also provides advice and services where an individual has been detained unlawfully and outside of ordinary due process by and within an overseas state. We have acted in such circumstances for the individual, the detainees’ family, employer, and national state. In matters with international sensitivities, a private legal and diplomatic solution can be successful where national state governments cannot.


In addition to providing expert legal representation and advice, McCue Jury & Partners can also:

  • Investigate and collate defence and mitigation evidence
  • Advise on and instruct the best local lawyers
  • Arrange prisoner welfare and visitations
  • Coordinate relevant NGOs
  • Organise and liaise with embassy consular support

  • Lobby relevant governments and authorities
  • Organise or manage PR, public return campaigns and the media
  • Seek transfer to a UK prison
  • Co-ordinate the return home

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