Jason McCue

Senior Partner

Jason McCue is the Senior Partner of McCue Jury & Partners LLP (and former senior founding partner of H2O Law LLP), co-founder of Rigel International (a corporate/government consultancy and litigation support provider), co-founder of EBRO Global (a not for profit government, institutional and humanitarian advisory); and co-founder and general partner of Greenlit SA (and ESG third party litigation funding platform focused on funding worthy environmental, human rights and governance litigation around the world).


Jason has had a career in law, international affairs (including conflict resolution, humanitarian, development, transitional justice (truth and reconciliation), asset recoveries, and state building matters), counterterrorism, commercial diplomacy (including gateway, dispute resolution, and social reinvestment matters) and human rights across the globe.


He is internationally acknowledged as a leading expert within several legal sectors (litigation, human rights, counterterrorism, conflict resolution, transitional justice, international criminal law, reputation management, and victim class action litigation).

He has been accredited as a leading expert by both of the UK’s leading law directories (Chambers and Legal 500) for over two decades and placed in the Legal 500 Hall of Fame. He was awarded UK lawyer of the year 2009/10 by the Law Society of England and Wales, and shortlisted as Human Rights Solicitor of the Year and The Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021 for his work on counterterrorism, terrorism victims’ rights, and his human rights and conflict resolution work in Africa.

He was awarded Doctor of Laws LLD (honoris causa) for his work on counterterrorism, human rights, and conflict resolution around the globe.


He has acted as political, legal and foreign affairs adviser to numerous heads of state, governments, opposition groups, international bodies (UN and AU) and companies. Among other roles, he has acted as Presidential Envoy for Somaliland; as the appointed facilitator to the joint UN/AU Darfur Peace Process; as an adviser on transitional justice to the Transitional Government of Libya; as head of the Libya-UK Victims Reconciliation Group (supported by the U.K. FCO); as lead adviser to the Government of Somaliland on the development of the Berbera Port/Berbera Corridor; Advisor to leading stakeholders in the South Sudan peace process; Representative/delegate of several countries at the United Nations General Assembly; General Counsel to numerous campaigns including Omagh Bomb Campaign, Free Belarus, Libyan Semtex Victims, and Justice for Rohingya Minority; and as an adviser to numerous African, Asian, Middle East and EU Governments on human rights, asset recovery, counter-terrorism and anti-piracy.

Jason is well known for his pursuit of terrorists and rogue regimes through the civil and criminal courts (his work was originally dubbed “law-fare” by the media) and for the tracing and recovery of their assets. He pioneered the development of domestic and international law through civil class actions/private criminal prosecutions on behalf of victims of terrorism.

Jason is an active human rights and humanitarian campaigner and advisor/friend to numerous NGOs and foundations including Director/Founder of the GREAT Foundation; Former Goodwill Ambassador for Femmes Africa Solidarité (FAS); Former Head of Crisis Action’s Advisory Committee; Consultant to Beyond Borders; Former Advisor and friend to the Mo Ibrahim Foundation; Former member of Oxfam’s Communication’s Board; Architect of Mandate Darfur.

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