Litigating, prosecuting and defending rights

Whether you are looking for representation and advice, or support from our in-house legal support group, at McCue Jury & Partners, we have a deserved reputation for taking on difficult and complex cases against any opponents, whatever their size, capacity or capability.

Representation and advice

McCue Jury & Partners are a force to be reckoned with in the field of litigation. We have a world-class reputation for punching above our size and weight and for going the distance. Whether enforcing rights or defending cases, our firm pursues matters with rigorous determination to drive solutions. We specialise in civil, criminal, and commercial matters both in domestic courts and within the international arena. We provide both advice and representation relating to matters within domestic or international courts, arbitration, or international/ad hoc tribunals.


Our record of success, involvement in some of the best-known cases over the last two decades, and the media plaudits are a testament to our strengths and commitment.

Complex cases

We have a deserved reputation for taking on difficult and complex cases against any opponents, whatever their size, capacity, or capability.


We have in-house expertise, experience, and success in the gathering and analysing of complex evidential cases, multi-jurisdiction cross border litigation, large victim and human rights actions, detailed commercial and financial matters, issues relating to fraud and grand corruption, counter-terrorism actions, geopolitical cases, and asset recovery projects. The team is at the forefront of matters concerning state and diplomatic immunity, international law (international criminal law and extra-territorial application of national criminal law), terrorism law, and asset recovery. The firm has pioneered the use of private criminal and international actions to pursue matters of justice and enforce human rights.


The firm is known also for defending and advising individuals and organisations in respect of domestic and overseas criminal investigations, charges, and prosecutions.

Class actions and campaigns

McCue Jury & Partners is one of the leading law firms bringing multi-national victim-led class actions both in the UK and overseas, particularly in the USA. Our team has broad experience ranging from victims of terrorism, natural and environmental disasters, man-made disasters, product liability, data theft and misuse, privacy intrusion and negligence.


In many instances, we mount and run campaigns in parallel with the legal action to maximise effectiveness, garner media coverage, and assist in financing the case.


We offer flexible fee structures and have a track record of facilitating case and campaign commercial and donor financing.

Legal support group

Our in-house Legal Support Group enables our legal representation and advice to have more depth, capability and punch. In today’s world, litigation of any form cannot be conducted effectively in a vacuum. Depending on the circumstances, on an ad hoc or long-term basis, litigation and legal services need the dedicated support the LSG can provide the firm’s clients in:

  • Research and investigations
  • Intelligence
  • Strategic communications and PR
  • Private diplomatic/political diplomacy

  • Commercial diplomacy
  • Case funding
  • Whistleblowing

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