New claimant joins UK action to bring Andrew Tate to justice

London, 7 June 2023 – A fourth British woman has come forward and made allegations of rape and assault against Andrew Tate. She joins the three existing claimants making similar claims who announced in April that they intend to commence proceedings against Tate in London’s High Court. The woman says:

“It has been really difficult to see Andrew Tate’s rise in popularity and his influence on people while knowing what he has done to me. He is a violent and dangerous man. Seeing the other three claimants have the courage to take a stand against him and being given a voice made me realise that we have the power to stop him. This is about justice and saying no to violence against women.”

A CrowdJustice campaign to support legal action against Tate has already been launched and has attracted over 500 donations totalling almost £15,000. 

The campaign has received widespread support, and hundreds of comments have been left on the CrowdJustice campaign page, with an overwhelming theme of solidarity and support for the victims.

The victims’ hope is that the UK Police will reopen their investigation into Tate, and any civil action will proceed in tandem with any criminal investigation. The intention is that Tate faces a UK court of law, whether it be at the Crown Court, the High Court, or both.

The victims ask that a link to the CrowdJustice campaign be included in any reporting:

Contact: McCue Jury & Partners at

Comments from Donors to the Campaign

“You are incredibly brave for standing up against someone with such a large following. I hope that you are able to get the justice you deserve and legal proceedings against him in this country will help shatter the illusion that so many young men are under.”

“[I am] Donating because I’m a professional woman and a mother of a 15-year-old son. I want to see this poisonous ideology countered and if crimes have been committed then I want to see justice done.”

Encouragingly, the campaign looks to be supported by plenty of men as well as women, with one male donator writing: “I’m happy to support this action to hold Andrew Tate to account, as a father of daughters and sons. I truly believe Tate is at best postulating his opinion for monetary gain, at worst a real danger to society.”