Private and corporate commercial

The firm and its consultant network are instructed or retained as ad hoc/long term ‘in-house’ counsel by corporate clients (often to support their inhouse capability) to provide expert legal advice and representation (as well as practical and overseas in-country advice) on a wide variety of discrete, commercial, litigation, criminal, and international geopolitical issues. The firm is often used as a trouble-shooter and brought in to oversee, strategize and manage legal issues within any particular crisis. McCue Jury & Partners can also act as a first-alert on legal issues: auditing, forewarning and managing potential issues to prevent problems from occurring.

Commercial litigation and arbitration

McCue Jury & Partners offers an effective hard-hitting commercial litigation and arbitration practice. It does so through a no-nonsense no-frills service that seeks to minimise cost, drive results, and maximise solutions. We punch above our size and weight simply because of our reach, diversity, reputation, and determination.

Overseas crisis management

An international facing company can readily find itself in perilous situations overseas, particularly in high-risk environments and emerging markets. Our specialised team of lawyers, as well as commercial and private diplomacy experts (within RIGEL), are adept at quickly parachuting into complex issues (whether commercial, political, or criminal in nature), particularly in high-risk environments, so as to stabilise developing situations, quell the fires, avoid progressive disruption to business and settle and provide long term solutions to underlying disputes and issues. We provide strategic communications services to support our work and protect our clients.


We also provide preventative legal advice to avoid and protect against such liability in domestic and high-risk environments.

Human rights audits

McCue Jury & Partners provides human rights audits, whether it be for a government or a corporation, and can plan and develop human rights compliant policy and procedure as well as supervise implementation and carry out monitoring.

Overseas representation, emerging markets and gateway services

We are focused on supporting positive, transparent, and best practice business and investment within emerging markets to foster a country’s transition, development, and long-term stability. We therefore provide representation and gateway services for commercial clients that share our vision and wish to develop such opportunities within our geographic areas of influence.

Corporate governance (high-risk environments)

Our team can help ensure that corporate work at home and overseas is compliant with domestic and international laws relating to governance. We provide strategic advice on foreign corrupt practices, sanctions obligations, the impact of provisions of domestic criminal law with extra-territorial application, and the conduct of operations with potentially adverse human rights implications.


We keep track of trends and developments that are increasing obligations being placed on companies to foster responsible business operations in emerging markets and high-risk areas. This places increased and new demands on such businesses to make their operations compliant with human rights (UNHRC Working Groups are encouraging host states to use their domestic human rights laws to bring proceedings against corporations that fail to comply with legally binding human rights obligations), the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (where corporates have roles to help deliver SDGs such as on state accountability).


Our team can provide preventative strategies to ensure that companies (particularly those operating in conflict zones or providing goods/services to protagonists in armed conflict) operate effectively without finding themselves accused of aiding or abetting violations of international human rights or humanitarian law by parties to a conflict, or other violations of the criminal law.

Social responsibility and social reinvestment schemes

McCue Jury & Partners enable businesses to support and foster the communities within which they operate so as to improve society, promote transparency, foster best practices, and generate positive impact for their business. Designed and managed correctly, improved, and approved ‘giving’ can produce social impact and improve profits.


Our team advises companies and individual philanthropists on the conceptual design, structure, and implementation of charitable, humanitarian, and social reinvestment policies, schemes, and initiatives. We can advise on all aspects of the formation of NGOs, foundations, and charities and of working with them.


We are proud of our own social reinvestment scheme, which includes support and pro bono professional advice on matters within the sectors of justice, gender equality, victims of terrorism and humanitarian issues as well as to various NGOs. We are always keen to explore new opportunities to partner with commercial companies on projects within our scheme’s sectors.

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