UK law firm McCue Jury & Partners pursues civil claim against Andrew Tate on behalf of victims

Three victims of Andrew Tate in the UK have instructed the law firm McCue Jury & Partners to pursue a civil claim for damages against him. The claim relates to personal injury and psychiatric harm resulting from a number of alleged violent sexual and physical assaults, alongside a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour against women during Tate’s time in the UK. The law firm believes that the extent of Tate’s reported wrongdoing in the UK could be vast and that many victims of his crimes have yet to come forward.

The primary aim of the case is to seek justice, accountability, and compensation for Tate’s victims. Additionally, it aims to encourage a UK criminal investigation into Tate’s crimes in the hope of his prosecution and conviction in the UK, in addition to the charges he is facing in Romania.

Tate’s weaponised misogyny encourages the degradation and abuse of women. By bringing this case, McCue Jury & Partners would like to help put an end to Tate’s manipulation of boys and disillusioned young men by showing them that his actions have consequences.

To begin with, the proceedings will be crowdfunded, and Tate’s victims are seeking donations to start proceedings. They would appreciate it if all reporting on this topic could include a link to the donation page.

A link to their CrowdJustice fundraising page can be found here:

The Claimants, now in their late twenties and early thirties, allege that the offences took place between 2013–2016 while Mr Tate was based in the UK.

McCue Jury & Partners have a long history of pursuing cases that others are not prepared to pursue. The law firm hopes that this case will help bring closure to Mr Tate’s victims and ensure that they receive the justice they deserve.

We ask that any reporting includes the following wording, in addition to the link to the CrowdJustice page:

The 24/7 Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Line is a free phone and online chat service, run by Rape Crisis England and Wales, for anyone aged 16+ in England and Wales who has experienced something sexual that they didn’t want, didn’t consent to or are feeling confused about—no matter when or where it happened.

The Support Line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for victims and survivors of any gender. Specialist staff are there to listen, answer questions and offer emotional support.
0808 500 2222

Quotes in Support

Claimant One said:
“To have seen Andrew Tate’s rise in popularity and influence, while knowing who he is and what he has done, has been extremely difficult for those of us who were sexually and physically abused by him. We intend to prove in court that Andrew is abusive, coercive and controlling and that his public statements about women are nothing more than fantasy. We are determined to get justice and are ready to fight for it. We hope that, in taking a stand now, others will feel empowered to do so themselves.”

Jayne Butler, CEO of Rape Crisis England & Wales said:
“We are deeply concerned by the dangerous ideology of misogynistic rape culture that Mr Tate spreads and the serious allegations against him. We fully support the rights of women and girls to seek recourse through the civil courts, and we commend these survivors for speaking out. Anyone impacted by this case can contact our 27/7 Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Line so that they can access free and confidential emotional support.”

Matthew Jury, Managing Partner of McCue Jury & Partners said:
“We are honoured to have been entrusted with this important case. Our clients’ bravery in coming forward to tell their stories and hold Tate to account is remarkable, and they hope it will empower other victims and survivors to come forward and join them. Perhaps focusing on the victims’ stories, rather than Tate’s misogynistic rants, will also mean his followers will come to understand his true nature. Rather than being a champion of masculinity, he is simply an exploitative coward who likes to hurt women.”

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