Ongoing conflict in Ukraine

McCue Jury & Partners are currently involved in several legal actions—a civil society lawfare campaign—designed to hold Putin’s war machine to account for their illegal war in Ukraine. The goal of these actions is to support the Ukrainian Government and its people by striking a blow against those connected to the war machine and providing compensation for the many victims of the war. This page will be updated as matters develop.

Wagner litigation crowdfunding

On 1 November 2022, we served a letter before action on Yevgeny Prigozhin, both in a personal capacity and as head of Wagner Group, putting him on notice of a pending claim for damages for Wagner Group’s role in terrorising Ukrainian civilians during the ongoing conflict. If you would like to help fund these proceedings and other similar actions in the civil society lawfare campaign, please do so by following the link below.


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Ukraine Justice Alliance

The Ukraine Justice Alliance (UJA) is a coalition of lawyers, investigators and communications specialists that have formed an alliance to support the Ukrainian government and its people in response to the invasion of their country by the Russian Federation and the subsequent and ongoing war. Where laws have been broken, the UJA seeks justice and accountability.


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Developments in the Ukraine

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