Victims seeking justice against Andrew Tate welcome government and labour support for reopening UK criminal investigation

London, 13 April 2023 – The victims and survivors of Andrew Tate’s alleged crimes welcome the Crime and Policing Minister Chris Philp’s statement encouraging the Hertfordshire police to reopen the investigation of several criminal complaints made against Tate while he was living in the UK.

They also appreciate the strident and unconditional support voiced by Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner.

The victims are frustrated with the initial investigation’s delays, lack of communication, and the authorities’ decision not to prosecute despite compelling evidence – including a message from Tate to one of the victims which reads: “I love raping you”. This decision left them feeling disbelieved and devastated.

The victims have suffered years of trauma, made worse by Tate’s rise in public popularity and influence and, while encouraged by this early show of support by the Government and Labour, there is still a long way to go.

The decision to take legal action was not an easy one, given concerns for their safety and having to confront what happened to them. Nonetheless, the victims feel a responsibility to hold Tate accountable for his alleged crimes, not just for themselves but also for others who may come forward.

They call on the police to reopen the investigation and bring Tate to justice.

“I would support any police force, including Hertfordshire, looking at any case, including historic cases where they feel there is a reasonable prospect of conviction or there is an offence that deserves or merits investigation.”

Chris Philps, Crime and Policing Minister

“I absolutely agree with the Policing Minister on this issue. We have to support women in dealing with this crime, this misogynistic crime…these women have been through so much, and they’re continuing to fight for justice. They’re not just fighting for what happened to them but they’re encouraging women to come forward who have faced these crimes to say we’re not putting up with this and we expect more policing and support to ensure that these perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice.”

Angela Rayner, Deputy Leader, Labour

“The survivors of Tate’s alleged crimes have every right to be heard, their stories told, and their trauma acknowledged. They’re taking a stand. Their courage and resilience is incredible. The Government’s response is welcome but there is still a long way to go.”

Matthew Jury, Managing Partner, McCue Jury & Partners LLP

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